[rrd-users] Line Colour Based on Value

Chris Mason chris at netnix.org
Sun Mar 3 14:48:26 CET 2013

Hi Alex,

> This is not what the OP asked for.  This shows a partial red line when above
> 1000 and green for anything upto and including 1000.
> The op asked for a red line when max(ds1) is above a certain value, not when
> ds1 is above that value. Using the same example number of 1000:
> VDEF:ds1max=ds1,MAXIMUM
> CDEF:ds1red=ds1max,1000,GT,ds1,UNKN,IF
> CDEF:ds1green=ds1max,1000,GT,UNKN,ds1,IF
> This produces a red line when the maximum value seen is above 1000, even
> when the current rate at that time interval is below 1000.

So, I am assuming this works because a line won't be drawn if the
value is UNKN. However, wouldn't you still get 2 legends - a red one
and a green one? I probably made my example a little bit too simple,
so I will explain what I am trying to achieve.

I have 32 routers and I am polling the total power usage to plot on a
graph - this results in 32 lines on my graph which makes it hard to
see each router on the graph. However, I am using the legend colour to
alert the user for when the power usage is over 2100 w for a router.

I have uploaded my current graph as an example: http://netnix.org/power-1d.png

In the graph, when a MAX value is over 2100 then I want the line to
turn red and show a red legend so it can easily been seen by the user.


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