[rrd-users] RRDs::error codes

Matt Elias m_elias at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 4 18:34:13 CET 2013

I have a new Ubuntu Server 12.10 32bit installation running on a proxmox 
vm. I have perl verion 5.14.2, rrdtool and librrds-perl installed. 
Running "perl -MRRDs -le 'print q(ok!)'" returns ok!. I am migrating 
some home-written perl scripts from an older ubuntu server install that 
use the rrds module. My scripts can successfully create the rrd with the 
RRDs::create command but RRDs::update seems to have problems, at least 
RRDs::error indicates an error but all it returns is "RRDs::error".

>         my $RRDsERR=RDDs::error;
>         if ($RRDsERR){
>             if ($debug > 1){print "RRDs had an error while trying to 
> update $rrd/$_[0].ping.rrd > $RRDsERR\n";}
>         }else{
>             if ($debug > 1){print "RRDs successfully updated 
> $rrd/$_[0].ping.rrd\n";}
>         }
spits out
> RRDs had an error while trying to update /var/www/test.ping.rrd > 
> RDDs::error

I had to remove "use strict" from my perl file which is working on my 
older ubuntu install but it was giving me
> Bareword "RDDs::error" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at

Am I missing something obvious?


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