[rrd-users] Does rrdcached within rrdtool 1.4.7 support fetch, info etc?

Benjamin Wang (gendwang) gendwang at cisco.com
Wed Mar 6 02:25:31 CET 2013

   Actually memory_buffered.rrd is there:
[root at crdc-c210-141 ~]# ls -al /root/tools/rrdcached/
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 153688 Mar  6 09:09 /root/tools/rrdcached/

When I try to access this file locally by the absolute path, it works:
[root at crdc-c210-141 ~]# rrdtool fetch  /root/tools/rrdcached/  AVERAGE --start 1362532000 --end 1362532140

1362532020: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532040: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532060: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532080: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532100: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532120: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532140: 3.6363878400e+08
1362532160: 3.6363878400e+08

But when I try to access this file remotely by the relative path, it doesn¡¯t work:
[root at crdc-c210-97 ~]# rrdtool fetch  AVERAGE --start 1362532000 --end 1362532140 --daemon
ERROR: opening '': No such file or directory

I have checked all the path, there is no relative path. And  I have changed ¨Cb before the listener as following:
rrdcached -w 600 -z 10 -p /root/tools/rrdcached/rrdcached.pid -b /root/tools/rrdcached -j /root/tools/rrdcached/cached -l -l unix:/tmp/rrdcached.sock

All of these rrd files are created by collectd-rrdcached plugin and can updated by the rrdcached daemon.
What¡¯s the problem?

Benjamin Wang

From: Steve Shipway [mailto:s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz]
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Subject: RE: [rrd-users] Does rrdcached within rrdtool 1.4.7 support fetch, info etc?

Where is your RRD file?

Your rrdcached command line says it should be under /root/tools/rrdcached (this is the ¨Cb parameter, the base directory for the RRD files)

Your call to rrdtool is wrong ¨C you don¡¯t need to give the IP address in the RRD path unless you really have a directory called that!  So¡­

rrdtool info --daemon

This tells rrdtool to talk to rrdcached via TCP (the ¨Cdaemon part)

It then requests a file ¡®¡¯

Since this doesn¡¯t start with a /, the basedir is used, and rrdcached looks for /root/tools/rrdcached/

This is probably not what you were trying to do.  Make sure the ¨Cb basedir is set correctly for rrdcached, and pass the relative path to rrdtool.  Only specify the rrdcached address in the ¨Cdaemon parameter, or in the RRDCACHED_ADDRESS environment variable.

Having said all the, the stable release of rrdcached does not support all the functions.  You need the trunk version to get such things as create and info, at least you did last time I checked.  I think the 1.4 stable version only supports graph, fetch, update.


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Subject: [rrd-users] Does rrdcached within rrdtool 1.4.7 support fetch, info etc?

  I try to setup collectd and rrdcached in one machine, and try to access rrdcached in another machine. The start script is as following:
rrdcached -w 600 -z 10 -p /root/tools/rrdcached/rrdcached.pid -b /root/tools/rrdcached -j /root/tools/rrdcached/cached -l -l unix:/tmp/rrdcached.sock

When I access by rrdtool in the local machine with absolute path, everything is OK. But I try to access in the remote machine by the following commad:
rrdtool info --daemon
rrdtool fetch  AVERAGE --start 1362495020 --end 1362495620 --daemon

The return result is always ¡°ERROR: opening '': No such file or directory¡±.
I have checked the path. There is no symbolic link.
Does rrdtool 1.4.7 support remotely fetch, info?

Benjamin Wang
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