[rrd-users] Xport/Restore not working for me.

Greg Zapp greg.zapp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 02:20:02 CET 2013


I'm getting errors trying to xport to xml and then restore.  So I've
stripped back my ambitions for testing and here is what I'm seeing:

root at server#rrdtool xport --start now-1h --end now
DEF:sda=disk-sda/disk_time.rrd:read:AVERAGE XPORT:sda:"read sdb" >
root at server# rrdtool restore export.xml restore.rrd
ERROR: line 19: expected <xport> element but found <rrd>

The keen eye may notice I'm xport'ing out of a collectd generated
disk_time file.  I'm using the latest rrdtool packaged for Ubuntu
Precise, "1.4.7".  Am I doing it wrong?

Thanks for reading,

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