[rrd-users] putting values in the legend

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Sat Mar 30 01:01:16 CET 2013

> Not sure what I am doing wrong ... it seems to be telling me it wants
> a consolodation function but I don't know why.   And when I give it
> one it complains about RPN

> LINE1:my500#aa00aa:500 GPRINT:my500:"%#.#lf"
> ERROR: Cannot parse CF in 'GPRINT:my500:"%#.#lf"'

There are two different ways to (G)PRINT.  At some time it was expected that 
the new format would superseed the old format but I think that is no longer 

Which version you use depends on what kind of vname it is:

DEF, CDEF generated vnames: GPRINT:vname:CF:format
VDEF generated vnames: GPRINT:vname:format

You don't use VDEFs, so you will have to use the "old" style 
try GPRINT:my500:AVERAGE:"%#.#lf"


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