[rrd-users] peak from multiple databases over time

Jan Terstegge jan.terstegge at nionex.net
Mon May 6 14:07:26 CEST 2013


Thanks for your help, Problem is solved, details below.

Am 06.05.2013 12:23, schrieb Alex van den Bogaerdt:
>> DEF for each database is:
>> DEF:l${NR}=${DATAFILE}.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE where NR is 0..19
> Are you using only digits here?
> Try changing it to ds1${NR} throughout your script. If suddenly you get an
> error message, you know that you were for instance adding the amount 119
> instead of the 20th DS.

First one is "L", therefore no problem.

>> My CDEF is:
>> cdef:ctotal=${RPNCALC} where RPNCALC is each ds added (0,l0,+,l1+,l2...)
> This could be a problem area. You should have shown us the complete command,
> so we can check that you actually add up 20, not 19, DSes.

There was my problem. All the datasources were correctly added, but I didn't 
check for UNKNOWN values. Now it is 0,l0,UN,0,l0,IF,+,l1,UN,0,l1,IF,+, ...

> Make sure to draw a line for ctotal, it should correspond with the top of
> the topmost stacked area. If not, there's your problem.
That helped a lot because I found the problem, that the cdef calculation ignores 
all values older than the last UNKNOWN.


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