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One observation: actually you should see 4 lines not 2 or 1.

The other is that your data is possibly not stored "equidistant", so that there are slight "gaps" of say 302 seconds between consecutive datapoints, which would mean that you are producing times like this: 0,302,603,...,3298,3601,... (so there would be a gap at time 3300 to 3599)

For debugging purposes: can you please run rrdtool like this:
RRDDEBUGSQL=1 rrdtool graph test.png --imgformat=PNG --start=-1day --width=600 --height=80    -S=300     "DEF:min=$UP:min:AVERAGE"     "LINE1:min#336600:value"

Then you will see the SQL that gets executed and then you can run the SQL on your own to understand how this "gaps" are generated from the database...

But there is also an option to "fill in" "missing" gaps in rrd via the "/rrdfillmissing=" option.  The idea here is similar to the "xff" argument to rrdcreate for the RRA definition.

So you may try to add it to your DEF like this: UP="sql//mysql/host="


On 12.05.2013, at 15:05, Shabbir Ahmed wrote:

> Hi, i collect data from switches and save them into mysql, (snmpidx,time,up,down)
> now i want to draw graphs using 
> DOWN="sql//mysql/host="
> UP="sql//mysql/host="
> rrdtool graph test.png --imgformat=PNG --start=-1day --width=600 --height=80    -S=300     "DEF:min=$UP:min:AVERAGE"     "LINE1:min#336600:value"     "DEF:avg=$UP:avg:AVERAGE"     "LINE1:avg#00FF11:average"     "DEF:max=$UP:max:AVERAGE"     "LINE1:max#FF0000:max" "DEF:dw=$DOWN:min:AVERAGE" "LINE1:dw#0033CC:value" 
> 1. the graphs drawn has gaps (i collect data every five mins) and draw them with 5 mins step but still the gape bw two occurences are empty.
> 2. it doesnt draw two lines.
> Kindly help,
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