[rrd-users] Strange behavior of rrdgraph with data summarization from multiple RRDs by CDEF

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 6 03:58:05 CET 2013

Looks like a race condition with regard to ‘Current’ value.


For example, the RRD ‘buckets’ (step size) may be of size 5min.  Thus, they run 12:00-12:05, 12:05-12:10, etc etc


If the current time is 12:01, but your data comes in at 12:04, then the ‘current’ value is ‘unknown’ – since there is no data for the current bucket.


Not knowing your RRD configuration, heartbeat, step, etc I can’t say for sure, but I have seen this happen many times in RRD graphs.


The way around it is to cheat J.  You can define a CDEF that uses something like “x,UN,PREV,x,IF” and then use this for your ‘Current’ calculation; though this will hide when a DS is really unknown.  


Otherwise, if you know the graph is base at ‘now’, and your step is 5 min, then try “NOW,TIME,-,300,LT,x,UN,+,2,EQ,PREV(x),x,IF”


This says “If this data point is <5min old, and is unknown, then take the previous value, else take the current value”


You may also want to take a look at the ADDNAN function for your sum_in and sum_out instead of all the UN,IF etc.





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Hello, list!
I've found a strange behavior of rrdgraph when I trying to summarize traffic data from multiple RRDs. I use this CDEF expression to summarize traffic:
Point is to check every variable to 'unknown' value and replace it with 0, then sum with previous values, and at last multiple sum by 8 to get bits instead of bytes.
Result is very strange: http://noc.nek0.net/configs/graph_good.png shows graph on even minutes (i.e. 14:16 ), http://noc.nek0.net/configs/graph_bad.png shows graph on odd minutes (14:17). Look at the graph legend: it shows now is 0.00 bps traffic.

Workaround is to not check first variable in CDEF for unknown, like this:
With this formula, it will show last value correct regardless of current minute.

RRDs updates every minute, at first 2-3 seconds of the minute.

Can somebody explain this please?
I will appreciate any help.
My whole rrdgraph expression also is in attach.

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