[rrd-users] Storing tags against a datapoint

Fizza Hussain 12mseefhussain at seecs.edu.pk
Fri Nov 29 12:14:36 CET 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have been exploring RRDtool for about a month. This tool is simply
amazing for storing and graphing time-series data.

I have one question in my mind:

I want to store a datapoint with some information attached to it. Is it
possible to store some tag fields against a datapoint? For example:

timestamp:value   Source IP address   Dest IP address  Protocol

1385720005:15                      TCP

It would be a great news for me if it is possible to do this in RRD
database. OpenTSDB does provide this feature but I don't want to switch to
it, because I love to use RRDtool.

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