[rrd-users] Overwrites existing data

Kaushal Shriyan kaushalshriyan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 19:24:18 CEST 2013


As per the URL http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/tut/rrd-beginners.en.html I am
not sure i understand about

In case of linear databases, new data gets appended at the bottom of the
database table. Thus its size keeps on increasing, whereas the size of an
RRDtool database is determined at creation time. Imagine an RRDtool
database as the perimeter of a circle. Data is added along the perimeter.
When new data reaches the starting point, it *overwrites existing
data.*This way, the size of an RRDtool database always remains
constant. The name
"Round Robin" stems from this behavior.

"When new data reaches the starting point, it overwrites existing data"
Does it mean the existing data is lost? so how do i keep track of the
historical data if it overwrites?

Please help me understand with examples.


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