[rrd-users] GSoC 2014 - an R package for working with RRD files

Plamen Dimitrov dim.plamen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 09:46:18 CEST 2014


I spent the past few months implementing an R package that makes it
possible to directly import and work with RRD files in R.

There are currently three ways to use the package:

- importRRD("filename", "cf", start, stop, step) - returns a data.frame
containing the desired portion of an RRA
- importRRD('filename") - imports everything in the RRD file into a list of
data.frame objects (one per RRA)

(the metadata is read and appropriate names are given to columns and list

- getVal("filename", "cf", step, timestamp) - optimized for getting the
values at a specific timestamp, uses a cache to minimize the read frequency

Please, feel free to install and test the package: https://github.com/

I'm now getting close to finishing it so any feedback is more than welcome!

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