[rrd-users] XML dump/restore: How to handle "cdp_prep"?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Sun Aug 17 12:04:11 CEST 2014

> 1st step: Only more rows in the past (like rrdresize):
>  * RRA 0/1/2: 576 rows -> 1584 rows (+1008 rows at the beginning)
>  * RRA 3/4/5: xxx rows -> xxxx rows (+xxx rows at the beginning)
>  * ...
> 2nd step: Import some data into the added rows. The current rows (= 
> existing ones) are not touched. Is this problematic too?

If nothing changes, then I think you should keep the cdp_prep data and do 
not touch it. RRDtool can continue to work as before, build a new CDP (it 
may be halfway doing so), as if nothing happened. The only change is that 
you have more rows available for the past. You are filling in those rows 
using historic data, which is okay and does not affect the present time.

I hope others will review what I claim here.


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