[rrd-users] Input values normalization

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Wed Feb 19 20:13:34 CET 2014

> And what do you mean exactly by "As long as RRDtool is fed with integer 
> timestamps" ?

Whole multiples of your step size, which is 1 second in your case.

RRDtool accepts timestamps with a fraction, such as 12345678.9012 which is 
not a whole multiple of one second.
RRDtool also accepts "N" ("now") as timestamp, which is very unlikely to be 
a whole multiple of one second.

When using timestamps like these above, an update will fill part of a PDP, 
and the next update will fill in the rest. The resulting rate is a weighted 
average of the two source rates. That's what you try to avoid.

12345678 _is_ a whole multiple of one second, so timestamps like this will 
always fill one or more PDPs completely. That means normalization has 
nothing to do.

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