[rrd-users] Input values normalization

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 09:10:40 CET 2014

Donovan Baarda <abo at minkirri.apana.org.au> wrote:

> On 22 February 2014 03:49, ENTRESSANGLE, ERIC (ERIC) <eric.entressangle at alcatel-lucent.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > Each minute based on the full minute (i.e 18:23:00, 18:24:00), the measuring device writes the counter value in a file. Then the measuring device resets the counter value to 0. So the counter value at 18:24:00 is the number of opened sessions between 18:23:00 and 18:24:00. And in our case, the 9 sessions are created between 18:23:00 and 18:24:00.
> Ah. In that case what your measurements already have a timestamp associated with them. For accuracy, you should use that timestamp (18:24:00 in this case).


> I don't know cacti, so I don't know if it allows you to specify the timestamp, or how to do it.

In this case I'd probably use my own script. When creating a Cacti data source, you can specify "no collection method" (or something like that) and it will then not try and collect the data itself. Then you can do your own thing with an external script. I assume you can also write your own script for Cacti to use, but I haven't looked into that.

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