[rrd-users] [FORGED] Question regarding routers2.gi

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jul 2 23:55:03 CEST 2014

Under version 2.23 of Routers2, you can use the ‘extendedtime=full’ option in the routers2.conf.  This disables the use of the old rrd-archive method of archiving, and instead assumes a single extra-large RRD file for which a date popup is provided.


To migrate to this archiving method you need to do four things (this is explained in the doc/HOWTO file, under ‘extendedtime=full’).


1.       Disable the rrd-archive periodic job that created the archives

2.       Enable extendedtime=full and set archive=no in the routers2.conf

3.       Add RRDRowCount[_]: declarations to your existing and template MRTG configuration files to specify the size of RRAs you will require.  This should be 400x the number of archives you usually keep; so if you kept archives for a month, set it to 12000, and so on.

4.       Merge your existing .rrd archives into a single monolithic RRD file.


To do step 4, a script rrdmerge.pl is provided in the extras directory, along with an example and documentation.


As an EXAMPLE, you can use this to update the RRD for ‘target’ in place:


  rrdmerge.pl -R -o target -r 12000 target.rrd archive/*/target.rrd.d/*.rrd


The script extras/rrdmerge.example.sh shows how to automate the migration of all the RRD files for all targets in all cfg files from the old, local 2.22 server to the new remote 2.23 server, potentially with a different architecture.  This is in fact the same script we used when performing the upgrade on our site, as we kept the old production server (RHEL5 32bit) running until the new migrated one (RHEL6 64bit) was ready.  The example script merges to XML which is sent to the remote server before being re-imported to create the RRD, allowing you to change architecture if necessary.


Note that the rrdmerge script can do a whole lot more than just merge MRTG archives; it in fact works on any RRD files to merge in many different cases.  There is an updated v0.2 that has fixes a few bug and has more features but the v0.1 works fine for MRTG-generated rrd files.


*ALWAYS* back up your RRD files before starting on this in case of problems.  I’m sure I didn’t need to say that…





Steve Shipway

s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz


From: Christian Krauße [mailto:christian.krausse at gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, 3 July 2014 3:04 a.m.
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Subject: [FORGED] Question regarding routers2.gi


Hello list users, hello Steve,


I had to migrate my MRTG/Routers2.cgi environment to a newer server.

I like to use RRDs 1.4.8 on Windows 2008R2 and Perl 5.16.3.

So I compiled them uploaded the needed Binarys to 


maybe this could help someone else...


Now to my question, I read a while ago that with routers2.cgi version Version 2.23 there is some other way to store historic data (Archiving in one big RRD file).

Escpecialy i am interested in your migration script an some documentation about. I know this whould be online, but i cant find it (don't know whot to google for)


Could you please send me some information about it? 



Christian Krauße

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