[rrd-users] Advice on a ping graph

Brian rrd at iozz.us
Mon Jul 7 04:06:37 CEST 2014

I have created a rrd and script to ping 15 lan IPs every 60 seconds and am
looking for suggestions to show that information on one graph.  I'm just
interested graphing an IP being up or down, not RTT or packet loss.

My first attempt was to increment a counter for the y-axis by 5 (to separate
the lines drawn for each IP) and a successful ping will get a positive number
in the GAUGE DB, and a failed ping a negative (so 5, 10, -15, 20, -25, ...).
Graphing as a LINE2 looks ok until an IP goes from down to up and the graph
connects those points.

I'm still new to rrdtool.  Any advice on how to do this better?  Thanks.

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