[rrd-users] rrdgraph step being ignored?

Wesley Wyche wesley.wyche at verizon.com
Thu Jul 10 23:17:02 CEST 2014

I've fought this graph for the better part of a day and cannot seem to get
the syntax correct.  I have a simple RRD that contains 4 data sources with a
step value of 15 seconds (and started on an even quarter minute timestamp.)

I've tested the data contained within after numerous updates and the data is
there as it is supposed to be.

Now, i'm trying to graph that data (using RRDs) and for some reason, it is
being consolidated / rendered to 90 second data points (and it should be 6
data points in that 90 seconds).

Here is the call:

RRDs::graph mygraph.png , "-i", "-b", "1024",
              "--end", "now", "-s","end-1200seconds", "--step", "15", 
              "-w", "600", "-h", "275", "-a", "PNG", "-n","DEFAULT:0:Arial",
              "-u 0", "-l 0", "--alt-autoscale-max",
              "--title", "Memory - [ last $descr ($dateString) ]",
              "--vertical-label", "[ Java Heap Utilization ]",
           "LINE2:maxcap#00FE00:Maximum Capacity  ",
           "GPRINT:maxcap:MAX: max\\:%7.2lf%s)\\n",
           "AREA:currcap#FABC2E:Current Capacity",
           "GPRINT:currcap:MAX: max\\:%7.2lf%s)\\n",
           "LINE2:amtspace#E4203E:Amount of Spaced Used",
           "GPRINT:amtspace:MAX: max\\:%7.2lf%s)\\n",

I've varied the start, end, and step values.  I've used various combinations
of the scaling.  I've even dropped and recreated the rrd using various step
values to no avail.

This works properly for other graphs and I have as small as 1 pixel
resolution.  In this one, I'm lucky to get bars or lines that are less than
a quarter of inch on the screen.

Can anyone provide insight to what I'm doing wrong?

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