[rrd-users] rrd dbi syntx

John Stile john at stilen.com
Mon Mar 31 06:20:27 CEST 2014

On Mon, 2014-03-31 at 04:00 +0000, Steve Shipway wrote:
> >Command:
> >rrdtool graph ./test.png --imgformat=PNG --start=-1day --end=+0hours
> --width=1000 --height=600
> >"DEF:min=sql//mysql/host=
> =thermal//temperature/date/cpu0:min:AVERAGE" "LINE1:min#FF0000:cpu0" 
> >
> >Error:
> >ERROR: formatstring wrong - mysql
> Check that you have the packages libdbi, libdbi-dbd-mysql and libdbi-drivers
> installed.  It might be that you have libdbi but not the mysql driver, so
> the format would be wrong.
> Steve 
> Steve Shipway
> s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz

I do have the mysql driver for libdbi installed

[I] dev-db/libdbi
     Available versions:  0.8.3 0.8.4 0.9.0 {doc static-libs}
     Installed versions:  0.9.0(03:06:28 PM 03/30/2014)(static-libs -doc)
     Homepage:            http://libdbi.sourceforge.net/
     Description:         libdbi is a database-independent abstraction layer in C, similar to the DBI/DBD layer in Perl.

[I] dev-db/libdbi-drivers
     Available versions:  0.8.3 0.8.3-r2 0.9.0 {bindist doc firebird mysql oci8 postgres (+)sqlite sqlite3 static-libs}
     Installed versions:  0.9.0(03:06:40 PM 03/30/2014)(mysql sqlite static-libs -bindist -doc -firebird -oci8 -postgres)
     Homepage:            http://libdbi-drivers.sourceforge.net/
     Description:         The libdbi-drivers project maintains drivers for libdbi.

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