[rrd-users] '--watermark text' not work

Petr Lázňovský lazna at volny.cz
Thu Jan 8 13:02:18 CET 2015

Trying to put string as a watermark into graph but it does not work in command:

rrdtool.exe graph myfile.png -w 1000 -h 300 --disable-rrdtool-tag --watermark "test" --start=-10400 --end=NOW DEF:loss= DEF:min= DEF:avg= DEF:max= DEF:dev= AREA:loss#FF0000:"Packetloss" LINE:min#00FF00:"Minimal latency" LINE:avg#FF33CC:"Average latency" LINE:max#0000FF:"Maximal latency" LINE dev#30601F:"Jitter"

Graph itself is created fine but there is no watermark in picture. Trying also without doublequoters but same result. Asked binaries author tell me "ask in mailinglist".

What I am doing wrong?



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