[rrd-users] Fetching data from rrdcached over a tcp socket

Tim Trefren tim at mixpanel.com
Wed Jan 21 22:33:50 CET 2015

Hi all,

I am having a very hard time using the --daemon argument with rrdtool.

It appears to me that v1.4.8 does a "FLUSH" over the network, then looks
for the file locally.

I've looked at the code, and it appears that
commit a472df7667be2a4948583b856b35aedd96188529 added logic to rrd_fetch.c
to do a network fetch if a daemon argument is present. That commit appears
to be present in versions 1.4.4, 1.4.5, and then not until 1.5.0.

It also appears that FETCH support is missing from rrdcached across the
same versions.

Was this a regression? Can anyone advise how to achieve this on 1.4.8? I
would prefer to use the version from the package manager if possible.


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