[rrd-users] WG: How to find a grafics error?

Peter A. Menzel prot_from_spam at famenzel.at
Thu Jun 11 08:40:52 CEST 2015

Hi Simon, 
  thank you for the immediate response!
  Well, now the link shall work - i have opened my firewall ;-)
  I also attached the graphs created (rejected by the list admin because of mail size, so look at the web site http://hk1.famenzel.at/cgi/hk1.cgi <http://hk1.famenzel.at/cgi/hk1.cgi>).
  Here is the setup script:
  rrdtool create AgroFire.rrd --step 1 \
   DS:KesselTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:KesselTempSOLL:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:RLTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:RauchTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:AussenTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK1VLTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK1BoilerTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK3VLTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK3BoilerTemp:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK1Pumpe:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK1BoilerPumpe:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK3Pumpe:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:HK3BoilerPumpe:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:FernleitungsPumpe:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve1:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve2:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve3:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve4:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve5:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve6:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   DS:Reserve7:GAUGE:2:U:U \
   RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:864000 \
   RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:60:527040 \
   RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:3600:87840 \
   RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:86400:3660 \
   RRA:MAX:0.5:1:864000 \
   RRA:MAX:0.5:60:527040 \
   RRA:MAX:0.5:3600:87840 \
   RRA:MAX:0.5:86400:3660 \
   RRA:MIN:0.5:1:864000 \
   RRA:MIN:0.5:60:527040 \
   RRA:MIN:0.5:3600:87840 \
   RRA:MIN:0.5:86400:3660 \
   RRA:LAST:0.5:1:864000 \
   RRA:LAST:0.5:60:527040 \
   RRA:LAST:0.5:3600:87840 \
  The values are written with this
  CommandString=  rrdupdate /path/AgroFire.rrd 1433965266:20:0:20:25:23.8:25.9:0.0:72:25.3:0.0:70:0:0:5:0:1024:0:0:0:0:113:61134:7
  every second to the RRD.
  I have also attached the cgi-script:
  Hence the graphs are all generated the same way I wonder why the once for the month and the year show this errors.
  I guess the data are ok because the daily and weekly graphs are ok.
  Thank you for any hint on this problem.
  BR Peter
Simon Hobson schrieb:
 >  Peter A. Menzel <prot_from_spam at famenzel.at> wrote:
>    > my cgi output for the monthly periode seems to have errors 
> (in detail: 
>> see attached image).
>>  As you can see on http://hk1.famenzel.at/cgi/hk1.cgi <http://hk1.
>> famenzel.at/cgi/hk1.cgi> the output for the last week ("letzte 
>> Woche") is ok (continued graphs for the temperatures), but shown 
>> interrupted in the monthly graph ("letzter Monat").
>>  Also the pump indicators ("HK1Pumpe", "HK3Pumpe" 
>> aso) show some activity in this graph and the yearly one ("
> letztes 
>> Jahr"). This seems to be wrong too.
>>  How can I find the source of the problem?  
>  You'll need to provide a lot more information - at the moment it&#
> 39;s "I create a graph using an unknown script/command, using 
> unknown data, and 'it doesn't work'".
>  A first step would be to show what commands you used to create the RRD 
> files and the graphs, plus a sample of the data going in.
>  Your graph in the email (the link doesn't work for me) has breaks 
> in it - that can often be as simple as having a heartbeat interval that&#
> 39;s too short so you get a lot of "unknown" data.
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