[rrd-users] A question about --right-axis-format

John huysing jhuysing at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 23:40:46 CEST 2015

I have several graphs were I have   "--right-axis", "1:0"  so that I have
the scale on both sides of the graphs.

For most of the graphs the format of the left and right side is the same.

ie: 1Ok on the left and 10K on the right

I have a set of defaults
    my @rrdDefaults = (
        "--imgformat", "PNG", "--interlace",
        "--right-axis", "1:0",
                "--color", 'BACK#000000',      #ffffff',      # Background
                "--color", 'CANVAS#000000',    #ffFFFF',    # Canvas (Grid

But, on one graph

I have 0.1k on the left and 100.0 on the right
          1.0k                and 1000.0   on the right

Is there a way to get the same format on both side?

I have tried fiddling around with "--right-axis-format", "%3.01lf%s but
that doesn't work.

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