[rrd-users] Help in RRD XPORT

Utpal Bora cs14mtech11017 at iith.ac.in
Thu Mar 26 15:57:43 CET 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a Network Visualization project using RRDTool for my
graduate course on Network Engineering.

I want to use the export feature of RRDtool to create an XML where I want
to add some hard coded values(DS not in RRD) to the xml.
However, I could not find a solution as of yet.
Please assist me on this.

What I am trying to do -

rrdtool xport \
          DEF:out=if1-inouts.rrd:outoctets:AVERAGE \
          XPORT:out:"out bytes" >> /home/temp/abc.xml
          XPORT:"SOME_CUSTOM_VALUE":"Temp" >> /home/temp/abc.xml

Here I want to append SOME_CUSTOM_VALUE to the output xml, which I am
not able to do as SOME_CUSTOM_VALUE is not present in the database.


Utpal Bora
M. Tech 1st year
Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Hyderabad
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