[rrd-users] Graph NaN Values

Manzke, Udo Udo.Manzke at gkvi.de
Mon Nov 23 14:17:24 CET 2015


i store response time in a rrd. Sometimes there are NaN because of a timeout. Graphing the responsetime producing a break of the line. Instead of the break there should be displayed the timeout value. I tried to solve this with the following configuration:

rrdtool graph /tmp/icmp.png \
--title="ICMP Response Time" \
--vertical-label="Seconds" \
DEF:rtMills=/icmp.rrd:icmp:AVERAGE \
DEF:minRtMills=/icmp.rrd:icmp:MIN \
DEF:maxRtMills=/icmp.rrd:icmp:MAX \
CDEF:rt=rtMills,1000,/ \
CDEF:minRt=minRtMills,1000,/ \
CDEF:maxRt=maxRtMills,1000,/ \
CDEF:unknownpos=rt,UN,INF,UNKN,IF,/ \
CDEF:unknownneg=rt,UN,NEGINF,UNKN,IF,/ \
AREA:unknownpos#0000ff \
AREA:unknownneg#0000ff \
LINE1:rt#0000ff:"Response Time" \
GPRINT:rt:AVERAGE:" Avg  \\: %8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:rt:MIN:"Min  \\: %8.2lf %s" \
GPRINT:rt:MAX:"Max  \\: %8.2lf %s\\n"

Result is an Error: "RPN Stack Underflow". Do anyone know what's wrong?


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