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Robert C. Seiwert rob at vcaglobal.com
Wed Sep 2 23:53:21 CEST 2015

Opps I should know better
Maybe CDEF:cdefwgloadcurrent=wgloadcurrent,900000,/

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Sorry I don’t have time to analyze this completely but

CDEF:cdefwgloadcurrent=/ 9000 * 100

Doesn’t look valid a valid RPN expression to me. Can you tell me what this calculation is supposed to be? I’m guessing you are trying to convert this to a percent?
Maybe CDEF:cdefwgloadcurrent= wgloadcurrent 900000 /


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Subject: [GRAYMAIL] [rrd-users] graphing issues

I am currently looking to create a graph and I've already done a few but somehow I am having a whale of a time trying to get this one to work.

to create the RRD I

rrdtool.exe create citrix_load.rrd
--start $dt
--step 3600

to update it I have in powershell executing the following as an example (the values were captured at the time I ran the script:

rrdtool update citrix_load.rrd N:2433:15:0:102

to graph it I have the following:

rrdtool.exe graph Application_Servers-1d.png
--vertical-label percentage
--width 600
--height 200
--start end-1d
CDEF:cdefwgloadcurrent=/ 9000 * 100

The issue is, even though the png gets created, there is no data in the graph. I have double checked to see if there is any data in the rrd file and there is no Area or when I used the LINE parameter there was no line either.

Am I missing something here?

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