[rrd-users] Help with: Input from a file in the RRD Graph

Mats Gustavsson wwwmazzse at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 16:39:30 CET 2016

I am new to this, so I hope that I post this correctly.

I have a Perl script that creates a .png file with the graph. So far so
In the Graph I have the function "HRULE:22#000000" that works just fine.

Now I want to make the value 22 flexible. I want it be be read from a
external file.
So when I just change the value to 21, or 23 or what ever, its been read
from a file.

Because the value in the file ex 22 is being read from multiple scripts,
both a bash and a python script, I want it to pick the value from the file
to the HRULE in the RRDs::Graph, in the perl Script.

The file, that is today being read from bash and python, is just containing
a value between -30 to +50. So the help that I need with, it needs to
handle a value ex -5 and 22.

The reason I want it to read from the same file, is that I just needs to
adjust in two files.
File 1 High value like -5
File 2 Low value like 22.
Instead in 20-24 different places, that is easily to miss a place to change.

I hope that some one can help me.

Best Regards Mats
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