[rrd-users] RRDTOOL Update with script in string

Tony Mountifield tony at mountifield.org
Thu Jan 14 11:18:41 CET 2016

In article <1452266932862-7583246.post at n2.nabble.com>,
maxmax20 <mak.admin at zoho.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a simple script that greps some values from a csv file.
> I wanted to do the following:
> rrdtool update /home/pi/net/net.rrd N:'cut -d, /home/pi/net/devices.csv -f13
> | cut -d: -f2'::::: to get the first value out of the csv file, but it seems
> that it won't work.
> Can this be done or do I need another workaround to extract the values and
> to update the RRD DB?
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Mark

Put "echo" before rrdtool, to see exactly what command is being generated
without actually trying to execute it.  Then you can tinker with it till
it looks right and then remove the echo to try it for real.

But also, it might depend on your CSV file. If you post a few example lines
we might be able to help. Also post the definition of your RRD file.


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