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Leandro Costa contato at leandrocosta.pro.br
Thu Jun 9 12:28:21 CEST 2016

Greetings, I'm trying to do a php script to flat some graphics of mine, for
example I have a graph showing 46.33M and I want it to be cut down to 46M
precisely. So I did some coding on exporting the XML, editing it and
reimporting the dump. So far so good. Here my question:

I exported the data of a single time, for example:

* rrdtool fetch myrrd.rrd AVERAGE -s '20160608 18:00' -e '20160608 18:00'*

and I get the values: *1465409100: 3.5134258945e+05 3.2815561127e+06*

Converting them to MB would be:

>>> float("3.5134258945e+05") / 1000 / 1000 * 8
>>> float("3.2815561127e+06") / 1000 / 1000 * 8

When I use rrdgraph , the result is diferent. It gives me 3.90M and 29.27M
to the exactly same time, from the same rrdfile. I'm doing the graph with
the following options:

--start '20160608 18:00'
--end '20160608 1800'



Pretty simple graph, showing the average traffic of input and output,
multiplied by 8 to get the value into megabits per second, since the rrd
data is fetched from InOctets and OutOctes via snmp.

I wonder if some of you would know why the rrdfetch is not showing the same
data as the rrdgraph.

Thanks in advance.

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