[rrd-users] python-rrd doesn't know --left-axis-formatter

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Thu Mar 10 10:07:42 CET 2016


Hello guys, 

Le 09.03.2016 18:09, Maxwell Carey a écrit : 

> The --left-axis-formatter option wasn't added until v1.5.0 (at least, that's when it first appears in the documentation). 
> Repositories usually don't contain the very latest releases of software for stability and security reasons.

 I've changed my apt source list to use the testing raspbian, in wich I
found the 1.5.5 version of RRD. 

So, I've been able to use the formater, but I also notice a little
changement: the formating for GPRINT is more strict: before, I can use
%2.lf, now I've to use %2.1lf. Not a trouble, I just have to adapt my
(bad) formating. 

And I've a question, always about the GPRINT formating: I'v done an
uptime graph, with 'duration' formatter, but I didn't succeed in finding
a way to print in the legend in the same format than in the Y axis. 

And I dislike my uptime graph and legend, so does someone already done
this kind of monitoring ? 

Thanks and regards, 

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