[rrd-users] Daily consumption

Guillaume Betous guillaume.betous at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 22:21:13 CET 2016

You have "--step 60" and update every 10 seconds. Your finest RRA will
> still contain a composed number built from 6 updates.

Update every 10 seconds is a little bit "aggressive" but it is not really
needed, you're right. The reason is that when I run my tests, I only need
10s to have an update and check that everything works (graphs update is
also every 10s)
But do you confirm that I can update with a higher freq than de DB ? Let's
say update every 30 sec still have sense ?

> makes me wonder if you do fully understand what is happening and what you
> are collecting.

Mmmm... the next points will show that... no :(

> It means your RRAs collect 12 minutes, 9.6 hours and 73 days. Rates older
> than 73 days will not be available in your database.

arglll... I'm totally wrong !

> If you mean: one vertical line / bar per day, then you need to be aware
> that RRDtool works in UTC time. Your "days" are off by one hour during
> winter, and by two hours during summer.

Thanks for the warning, but it is not a very big issue in my case (unless
for the 23h and 25h days which will show abnormal low or high consumption).
Let's use UTC time.

> If you show [...]
You will also need [...]

Great !!! Will try this !

Thanks a lot :)


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