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Your RRA only allocates 10 buckets and a bucket gets filled every 300
seconds which gives you 50 minutes of history.

rrdtool create $directory$filename -step 300 \
DS:kallstroms:ABSOLUTE:300:U:U \

You have created an RRD that expects updates every 300 seconds along
with a data source with a 300 second heartbeat and no min/max range
has been provided.  You may want to increase your heartbeat so that
you don't get so many unknown values if updates arrive a second late.
Read the "The HEARTBEAT and the STEP" section of the rrdcreate


You have then declared a round-robin archive that computes the average
of 1 primary data points with an xfiles factor of 0.5 and retain 10
rows of data.

"The format of RRA line for these consolidation functions is:
RRA:{AVERAGE | MIN | MAX | LAST}:xff:steps:rows"

If you really want to compute an average, then provide more than just
one PDP, otherwise use LAST as your consolidation function.  You will
then want to adjust the number of rows you keep to however much
history you want to store.


On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 2:01 PM, Martin Friberg <martin at swetech.se> wrote:
> Something wierd is going on been running the script for almost 9 days now.
> And it seems like the rrd reset itself every 24H when i dump the rrd to xml
> it also only shows the last 24 hours no errors or warnings it just resets?
> anyone got a clue on what to look at ?
> cheers
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