[rrd-users] Can't get rid of NaN in rrd / rra

Chris Herrmann chris.herrmann at faredge.com.au
Tue Aug 15 00:39:23 CEST 2017

OK, got it with the excellent help of the folks @ ITPA www.ipta.org.au<http://www.ipta.org.au> . Basically the data value that I was putting in had a trailling \r\n. Finding this out was done with...

root at whisk:~# echo "$myvar" | od -a
0000000 0 . 7 8 cr nl

printf "%f" "$myvar"
: invalid number.78

This occurred because it was the last field (column) in the file, so "cut" was grabbing the carriage return as part of the last field.

I fixed it by adding an additional dummy field to the returned sql, so that instead of grabbing the last field in the data set I'm now grabbing the second last field.

So now I get:
echo "$myvar" | od -a
0000000 b nul fs 0 . 7 8 b nul gs nl

now which works OK and there's aggregate data appearing in rrds now.


Chris Herrmann
Far Edge Technology

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