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Because lumber drying shrinkage heats up distensible character, we are when
floor of ground of wood of choose and buy, get the moisture content that
considers a floor above all. Divide this, face of lacquer of the exterior of
the tongue-and-groove precision of wooden floor, base material, floor needs
to be in Choose and buy of real wood floor  Want to notice when, choose a
method specificly following place show: 1, the moisture content that
measures a floor
National level stipulates the moisture content of wooden floor is 8%-13% .
In fact our country region is vast, different area moisture content asks to
all differ. In moisture content of floor board of our country northern
district 12% , moisture content of southern region floor board also should
be controlled in 14% less than. The agency of general wood floor is due
moisture content determines appearance, if not have,show pair of moisture
content this index ignored. The wooden floor moisture content of the make
choice of in the exhibition hall is measured first when buying, measure
again next did not leave pack plant with material, the moisture content of
the wooden floor that is the same as norms, if differ in ±2% , can
think eligible. 
2, the precision of observation wood floor
After wooden floor opens box desirable give 10 or so bare-handed go all out
outfit, observe tongue-and-groove bites a mouth, spell outfit clearance,
differ highly between adjacent board. 
3, the blemish that examines base material
Check whether same tree to plant first, confused, whether does the floor
have dead section, lively part, craze, decayed, bacterium to change wait for
blemish. As to the chromatism of the floor, because wooden floor is natural
wood, go up objectively existence chromatism and inhomogenous phenomenon,
this cannot avoid. And the sense that floor of laid real wood feels
recursive nature, depending on its natural design and color, decorative
pattern, if go after a floor overly not to have off color, it is
unreasonable, when wanting to be installed in the shop only, adjust slightly
4, choose quality of board face, lacquer face
The key when the choose and buy watchs paint film bright and clean degree,
without bleb, leakage lacquer and wear-resisting are spent. 
5, identify wooden floor material to plant
At present the tree on the market is planted the name is very confused, as a
result of the growth of lumber the environment differs, accordingly, because
of,the material that identical tree plants pledges producing area somewhat
difference, raw material price is different also, but the material that is
not an entrance compares a country character advocate material has pledged,
our country tree is planted various, resourceful, the tree of a lot of areas
is planted already good, the price also pledges than the material of
congener entrance low. Some manufacturer are stimulative sale, lumber
coronal with sundry the good name that does not accord with lumber to learn,
be like: The name; such as the pride of China of cherry wood, beautiful pear
wood, priceless, jade has more very person, with cheap fill high-grade
lumber, consumer scarcely should be name place be puzzled, make clear
material is qualitative, lest be duped. 
Buy Wooden floor When, had better go brand credit is good, beautiful praise
spend high company to buy, have besides quality outside assuring, it is
certain to have to the product normally guarantee period, every is in
guarantee period inside the warp that happen, be out of shape, weather-shack
wait for a problem, manufacturer is in charge of repairing, change, can
discharge the trouble back at home of consumer. 
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