[rrd-users] correct choose and buy floor method

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Undertaking indoor the manner that when decorating, should notice adornment
is decorated not just, the most important quality that should notice to
decorate material, such ability assure the quality that whole lives in. The
floor is important decorate material, also have the characteristic that
changes not easily meanwhile, should choose seriously more so. What 0731
household net lets below is small the that makes up your introduction to
choose a floor board 4 not beyond the mark. 
Go after rare wood not overly above all. Product ability differred character
to bring about the price to produce vast difference directly, especially
price of a few rare wood is more high. Reason is when the choose and buy, it
is to should notice its use material breed and its true and false, in case
the businessman acts as with common lumber rare wood or famous lumber; 2 it
is not credulous or go choosing rare wood painstakingly, do not suit the
adornment style of your family certainly. Floor of real wood of choose and
buy, its price difference is bigger, the key still wants measurable,
appropriate and suit, accomplish sexual price to compare actor, the most
important as tie-in as household color photograph. 
Do not go after floor hardness blindly at the same time. Generally speaking,
lumber density is high a hardness is big, want wear-resisting relatively a
few, and the lumber with high density often produces the limitation such as
craze easily, and crural sense is not certain also comfortable. The real
wood floor board that the family uses puts forward tall hardness blindly to
ask to its is improper actually the most important is to should be gone
after comfortable. 
Also cannot have blind faith in an entrance overly of course. Our country is
at present solid on wooden floor market, the floor board that has 85% at
least comes from an entrance with material, but of not certain entrance
compare homebred quality classier. Here, basically be the problem of
resource. It is homebred no matter still import material, can have had have
difference, the key is material sex should suit to make a floor board. 
Chromatism of floor of correct look upon. I advocate real wood floor not to
actor or actress by with off color all along bad by of stand or fall. Off
color is the character with inherent lumber, even if is same root lumber,
its are different the chromatism of place also has different, and batch
industrialization is produced is undertake to lumber off color undertakes
essence of life is divided hard fine choose, the main feature that natural
chromatism is real wood floor not only (do not belong to quality blemish) ,
also consume concept photograph be identical with international. Can say,
poor without color floor may have more blemish to be masked, this also is
treatment of surface of floor of numerous aggrandizement wood into copy fact
Mu Wen manages (coloured is poor) reason place. 
The comfortable pitch that the floor should pay attention to particularly
when choosing a floor board and whole decorate the collocation of the style,
cannot ask hardness of rare wood, floor is tall quite overly, entrance
floor, at the same time the chromatism of floor of should correct look upon.
The floor should be checked seriously when choosing and pay close attention
to the detail of the floor. 
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