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the result that complain case to analyse to real wood floor through us for
years makes clear, product quality is occupied about 10% the left and right
sides, installation quality is occupied about 70% , use safeguard undeserved
reach use environment to exceed mark to be occupied about 20% . Visible
installation is improper the body that still seizes a floor to complain.
Accordingly, the installation mistake phenomenon that the article complains
row adduce floor middling to see reachs the harm of generation, the
installation personnel of hope floor is caused take seriously, avoid to
appear this kind of problem. 
The installation means that one factory provides puts the mistake that be in
Graph 1 installation floor did not add moistureproof film
One of mistakes that install methodological existence are not to add
moistureproof film, use this kind of method, when the balance moisture
content of the moisture content that compares dry, keel to also compare dry,
floor when the ground and used environment is consistent, the floor won't
arise be out of shape. If the ground is compared damp or the moisture
content of the floor is lower, made of baked clay shape of easy generation
of the floor below the case with environmental bigger humidity is
metamorphic. This kind of method is used below the case with use environment
bigger change especially risk of existence floor metabolic is bigger. 
Those who install the mistake that the method exists is direct on
installation method tagged ground batten between the width of obligate
aperture (2) seeing a picture. The balance moisture content of the actual
moisture content of the width of the drying shrinkage coefficient that the
obligate aperture between actually batten should plant according to the
floor uses a tree, floor, floor and area will decide. For example, in the
floor board that Hangzhou installs, it is when the moisture content of the
floor 15% or be more than 15% when, if moistureproof measure reachs the
designated position, need not stay between ground batten seam, if floor
moisture content is in 8% the left and right sides, floor width is 125mm,
likelihood some are out of shape obligate 2mm still meets bigger tree go in
for farming to have wriggle through the earth or be squeezed between batten
crack. So obligate aperture cannot be a fixed numerical value. The problem
about aperture of floor science obligate will be discussed in the following
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