[rrd-users] Getting data from one rrd and using it to update another.

mark mark at itbox.co.za
Mon May 4 17:46:24 CEST 2020


I have rrdtool running on an embedded system collecting data once per 
second and storing it in two RRA's, one once a second for 60 seconds, 
and one once per minute for 3 hours. This runs rrdtool 1.0.50 ,which is 
the latest version available for the platform. It doesn't have the 
rrdcache daemon. It runs on a ramdisk so there's no actual storage involved.

I would like to periodically fetch the latest one minute average and 
insert it into an rrd on another system for longer term analysis.

What is the simplest way to achieve this?

I've tried dumping the rrd from the embedded system and parsing out the 
last line of data. There are 9 DS's and they are on the fourth last line 
of the dump. Unfortunately updating an rrd with numbers like 2.855e+04 
doesn't seem to work. I also feel that I'm doing far too much parsing 
and there must surely be an easier way, I just don't see it.

Any suggestions?


Mark Ter Morshuizen

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