[smokeping-users] config and CGI help

Vasudevan Sambasivam v_sambasivam at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 30 16:49:21 MEST 2002


  This issue may have been tackled already, but
searching the mailing-list archive didn't return
anything. So, here it goes.

I have two questions:
1. Smoke Ping Web not displaying hierarchical menus. I
have modified the default config file, just added one
country under World and a few hosts under this
country. When I try to view this using the
smokeping.cgi, it only displays to World and USA (the
country I added) menu titles and not the list of
hosts. If I change my config file to have only the
hosts names (i.e only one level -- flat) it does
display them properly. Shown below is the section of
the config that contains the heirarchical items. 

=============Start of probes section ===========

*** Probes ***

+ FPing

binary = /usr/local/sbin/fping

*** Targets ***

probe = FPing

menu = Top
title = MIPC host-related Network Latency Grapher
remark = Welcome to the Middleware's MIPC monitoring
web-page. \
         Here you will graphs about the latency of our
network \
         in reaching MIPC server hosts.

+ World

menu = World
title = Worldwide Connectivity

++ USA

menu = USA
title =USA Connectivity

+++ California

menu = California Main
title =California Main Host-Connectivity

++++ host-1

menu = host-1
title =Core host host-1
host = host-1

++++ host-2

menu = host-2
title =Core host host-2
host = host-2

++++ host-3

menu = host-3
title =Core host host-3
host = host-3

+++ Arizona

menu = Arizona Main
title =Arizona Main Host-Connectivity

++++ host-a1

menu = host-a1
title =Core host host-a1
host = host-a1

++++ host-a2

menu = host-a2
title =Core host host-a2
host = host-a2

===========Actual end of the file. ==============

2. As mentioned above, when I make the config probe
list to be flat, it does show them properly through
the smokeping.cgi. But, it seems to display the
detailed graph only for host-2, even when I click on
other hosts. The highlight on the menu is always on
host-2  even after clicking on a different host. Not
sure why this is happening. I do see rrd databases for
all the hosts listed. Only, the graphs for host2 are
being updated properly. No other images are being
created. I checked and confirmed that there isn't any
permission issue or any thing like that.

I have the latest/greatest of all the stuff..SmokePing

Please help on the above two items. 

+ Vasu

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