[smokeping-users] Alert External Script -- Rate Limiting of Alerts

Poetzel, Christopher J. cpoetzel at anl.gov
Fri Dec 6 16:51:16 MET 2002

I am starting to dig into alerts and am finding them very useful.
Currently I am having Smokeping call an external Perl script, passing
The script the SmokePing variables, and having the script parse them, decide
Whom to mail an alert to, and then mail it off.
The problem I am having is flooding people's email/pagers with alerts.
It tends to annoy people very much when the get the same page over and over
Every five minutes until it gets fixed.
I would like be able to suppress an alert if it was triggered in the past
X hours so not to flood people's email pagers.
Has anyone tried to implement this in a script or have another approach on a

For example,

An alert like

pattern = >10%,>10%,>10%,>10%>10%
comment = There is a serious connectivity issue with this machine.

Will fire every five minutes if a machine that is set up with the
Line goes down.


Chris poetzel
cpoetzel at anl.gov
Argonne National Laboratory

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