[smokeping-users] Wishes for development

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Fri Feb 15 02:11:52 MET 2002


I have been considering two extensions to SmokePing that could be

1) Having alias targets.

   It could be usefull that the same target can be listed several
   times in the target menu, under different names, but with probing
   only once, and of course keeping only one rrd database.

   This could allow to define a target being listed in "my direct
   connection to Internet", "list of ISP of my country" (under a
   geographical hierachy), "list of R&D networks"...

   Each alias could present a different title and name in the menu of

2) Having an alert reporting mechanism.

   Yesterday, with a quick glange at a SmokePing graph I noticed that
   something went wrong because at some point the lattency had doubled
   for a link. It was not one of my direct link, but I informed the
   responsible people, there was a route that got lost somewhere and
   nobody had noticed it.

   So let say when the average for 5 minutes is x% higher than the
   average of the past 3 hours, raise an alarm and send an alert.

   I think the alert through syslog is enough, no need to implement a
   complicated mechanism, they already exists that read from syslog
   and ring a phone, send SMS or whatever, this would be out of the
   scope of SmokePing.

   Of course the alert would be optional, and not for the aliased

   Why is this part of SmokePing? Basically because it reads the rrd
   database generated by SmokePing.

Best regards,


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