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Marc Powell mpowell at ena.com
Mon Feb 18 19:09:02 MET 2002

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Yesterday Marc Powell wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've just installed Smokeping and aside from a couple of pre-requisite
> Perl modules I didn't have, everything has gone just fine with one
> exception. The detail view for a particular device is printing out
> information that I can't figure out how to turn off. It appears to be
> coming from RRDTool, but I'm not sure.
> This is what I'm seeing:
> DEBUG: matched HRULE:num
> DEBUG: strstart==2
> DEBUG: HRULE at 0.000000
> DEBUG: matched HRULE:num

Hi Marc,

Could it be that you are an rrdtool release different from 1.0.33 ?

Yes, actually I am ;) I am using the 1.1.x CVS tree to be able to use
the new COMPUTE rrd-ds-type in Cricket. Now that I know where to look
I've removed the debug printf's from rrd_graph.c, recompiled and
everything's golden.

Thanks for the assistance!

Just as an FYI, the current CVS version (as of last night) doesn't
include configure.in so MakeMakefile bombs.

[program]# ./MakeMakefile 
+ find . -name Makefile
+ xargs rm -f
+ find . -name Makefile.in
+ xargs rm -f
+ libtoolize --copy
libtoolize: `configure.in' does not exist
Try `libtoolize --help' for more information.
+ cp ltmain.sh config
cp: ltmain.sh: No such file or directory
+ aclocal
aclocal: couldn't open `configure.in': No such file or directory
+ autoheader --warnings=all
Usage: autoheader [-h] [--help] [-m dir] [--macrodir=dir]
       [-l dir] [--localdir=dir] [--version] [template-file]
+ automake --foreign --add-missing --force-missing --copy
automake: unrecognized option -- `--force-missing'
Try `automake --help' for more information.
+ autoconf
autoconf: configure.in: No such file or directory

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