[smokeping-users] Re: Another suggestion...

Hal Burgiss hal at foobox.net
Tue Jan 29 03:51:12 MET 2002

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 06:03:53PM -0500, Tom Throckmorton wrote:
> Hal Burgiss wrote:
>     The way I'd see testing a server is the time to get a valid
>     response. Say a web server, open connection, time to get an HTTP
>     200 response or whatever, close connection. My perl is not so
>     good, but I've played with this some, and one hurdle I couldn't
>     get past, is that IO::Socket does not seem to ever time out. So
>     if the server opens connection, but does not conclude it, the
>     connection just sits there. There probably is a better module,
>     but I never dug too deep into it.
> There is a handy (and short!) script (test-url) that comes w/ the
> Cricket distribution to do precisely this.  It uses LWP::UserAgent
> and Time::HiRes, but i imagine you could adapt it to use arbitrary
> ports using Socket (or arbitrary protocols using different modules,
> e.g. SMTP),.....but now that Tobi's found the answer :-)

You wouldn't have a copy handy would you? Google is failing me :/

As I see it there are three possible interesting statistics:

 routing latency
 network stack latency
 server response latency

Hal Burgiss

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