[smokeping-users] Re: Scalability

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Thu Jun 20 00:26:52 MEST 2002

Yesterday Marc Powell wrote:

> The only major problem I am having is that I see gaps in the graphs
> (10-15 minutes) for those regions with relatively high numbers of hosts
> down (20-30). We're monitoring schools so it's the off season here in
> the US and the routers fluctuate depending on what maintenance is going
> on at the schools, whether the janitor has spilt his coffee in the
> router, etc... I am attributing the gaps to the slower response time for
> ICMP UNREACHABLE's from fping, which lengthens the overall time it takes
> before smokeping spawns the next run to 10-15 minutes or longer. Since
> smokeping appears to wait until the fping process terminates before
> writing to the RRDs or spawning the next fping process, the gaps are
> appearing for all hosts in a region. To minimize the number of hosts
> affected by this problem, I have just implemented unique configurations
> for each alphabetical grouping per region so that I can spawn a
> smokeping daemon for each grouping as opposed to each region (i.e. 5
> smokeping processes per data collector). As a result, I have a feature
> request or two to make things easier:

try running smokeping by hand, at least in theory it should ping
ALL the hosts in your config in parallel. The time it will wait for
a 'lost' paket is about 1 second at most so this means in theory a
fping run is over in 20 seconds regardless of the number of
machines involved. Now there is a small gap between each icmp
packet sent out from fping, so there is an impact per machine but
it should not at all depend on how long the machine has to answer
... this after all is the whole motivation behinde fping ...

> 	1) Add a pidfile directive to either complement or replace
> piddir. Currently, it is necessary to either create a directory for each
> pid file specifically or remove the pidfile before starting the next
> smokeping process.

running multiple smokeping processes is not the solution ... if
fping has a bug, we will fix fping ...

> 	2) The ability to INCLUDE external files within a config file.
> This should help cut down on the number of unique files I'm having to
> create.

this is already there ... check the documentation on


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