[smokeping-users] Re: cgi line 7 error

Brett Marler brett at asroma.homeip.net
Wed Apr 2 12:33:44 MEST 2003

> i am asking this 2nd time, why i am getting these erros, is ther any permissions
> problem????? Please help me out from these
I did respond to your first e-mail, with some pointers about reading Tobi's 
installation guide. I have no idea if you have done this or not, have you 
actually got around to installing the Speedy:CGI perl module? If not, read 
Tobi's installation guide.

> Can't locate Smokeping.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /home/zeeshan/smokeping/lib/ 
I would say Smokeping cannot gain access to the Perl modules it needs. Yes, I 
would say this is a permission issue. I have no idea what version of 
Linux/Unix you are running, if you are running Redhat by default it creates 
permissions of "700" for all home directories. I would suggest moving the 
Smokeping directory to something more conventional like /usr/local or whatever 
takes your fancy. If you cannot do this, try "chmod 777 /home/zeeshan/" and 
work back from there.

But I would suggest reading Tobi's installation guide, it should answer most 
of your questions and verify you have everything you need installed.

Brett Marler <brett at asroma.homeip.net>
WWW:	http://asroma.homeip.net/

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