[smokeping-users] Re: Alerts

Nipper, Arnold arnold at nipper.de
Mon Aug 25 17:27:48 MEST 2003

How does your config look like? Look at this example:

+ lossdetect
type = loss
pattern = ==0%,==0%,==0%,>5%,>5%,>5%
comment = dropping more than 5% packets

+ noloss
type = loss
pattern = >5%,>5%,>5%,==0%,==0%,==0%
comment = packet loss back to normal

First jumps in when packet loss is >5% 3times and had been 0% at least
3times before. Second just is the opposite. I only get mails when something
changes according to the rules above.


On Monday, August 25, 2003 5:20 PM, Simon Westlake
<simon.westlake at bizwi.rr.com> wrote:
> Smokeping question:
> I turned on the alerts, but it seems to notify me everytime the event
> happens. What I would like it to do is only notify me if the status
> For example:
> If I set an alert to to email me when packetloss goes over 5% for 15
> I would like it to only email me once, unless the status changes again.
> If router A is doing 5%> packetloss for 4 hours, I don't want to be
> 16 times. If it does 5%> packetloss for 2 hours, then 1% packetloss for 1
> hour, then 5%> packetloss for 4 hours, I only want to be emailed twice.
> Is there any way to do this? Right now, I am using the alerts to monitor
> devices, and if someone unplugs their modem/router for a day, I start
> spammed.

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