[smokeping-users] Re: Ecartis command results: subscribe

David Lapsley dlapsley at haystack.mit.edu
Thu Dec 4 21:02:23 MET 2003

Hello All,

First of all, I am a recent convert to MRTG and to smokeping. Very nice 

I had quite a bit of trouble getting smokeping to work. I noticed on 
the mailing list archives that a lot of other people also had the same 
problem, so I thought I would share my experience:

After installing smokeping and trying to access it via:


I would get the following Server error:

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete 
your request.
Error message:
Premature end of script headers: smokeping.cgi
If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster

Error 500

The scripts runs fine from a shell. The html generated views fine in a 
browser. So I spent much time reading source and also looking at 
Apache's config file. Everything seemed correct.

Finally, I cam across an email from someone on the apache mailing list 
that suggested that there may be a file permissions problem and to 
check out the suexec.log (in /etc/httpd/logs/suexec.log). Sure enough:

[2003-12-03 22:52:39]: uid: (1005/mrtg) gid: (1005/1005) cmd: 
[2003-12-03 22:52:39]: directory is writable by others: 

After "chmod og-w" on all of the relevant directories and files, it 
works like a charm.

I hope this is useful to someone.

Best regards,


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