[smokeping-users] Re: Instalation problem - maybe perl

Marc Powell marc at ena.com
Mon Dec 8 19:08:25 MET 2003

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> Joshua, Marc,
> In deed my apache user wasn't allowed to write. I have already changed
> and now it has created some files in /usr/local/apache/pid/pxt/BRA:
> router1a                    router1b
> router1a_last_108000.png    router1b_last_108000.png
> router1a_last_10800.png     router1b_last_10800.png
> router1a_last_34560000.png  router1b_last_34560000.png
> router1a_last_864000.png    router1b_last_864000.png
> router1a_mini.png           router1b_mini.png
> router1a.rrd                router1b.rrd
> router1a.rrd.maxhight       router1b.rrd.maxhight
> Now there are no error messages in the smokeping template, but  the
> graphics
> aren't displayed yet.
> The pictures are unavailable, I mean, there is an X instead of the
> picture.
> What it could possibly be?Is it due the fact that my imgcache
directory is
> the same of my smokeping proccess id directory?

No, but you probably have the same issue (but for reads) for your
datadir. For sanity's sake though your image cache should be a directory
all its own. By its nature the files in it are transient and unimportant
in the long term whereas your PID file and others in that directory are
very important and static in the long term.


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