[smokeping-users] Re: ./smokeping doens't create the images in the image directory

Drew Gibson drew.gibson at telecomcomputer.com
Mon Dec 15 04:26:45 MET 2003


comments in-line below...



Peter Hawks wrote:

> copied all the environmet (all the /usr/... tree) of other machine 
> (both machines are similar) through a recursive ftp (acctually scp).
> Could it be a problem?

Check the owners of the files that you copied.

> but the directory pxt where the .png files should be created was not 
> created in the imgcache directory, and (of course) the .png files also 
> weren't created. 

You create the directory, the image files are created when you access 
smokeping.cgi from a browser

> My config and my smokeping.cgi are:


> imgcache = /usr/local/apache/image
> imgurl   = ../

your smokeping image dir is your website root dir?
see http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/smokeping/docs/config.en.html

> datadir  = /usr/local/apache/pages
> piddir   = /usr/local/apache/pages
> cgiurl   =
> smokemail = /usr/local/smokeping-1.18/etc/smokemail
> # specify this to get syslog logging
> # syslogfacility = local0

remove the # from syslogfacility = local0, access the smokeping.cgi from 
a browser then check your syslog file and the Apache error log

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