[smokeping-users] testing UDP to discover where PL is occurring..

Ross Tsolakidis rtsolakidis at powerserve.com.au
Wed Feb 12 01:18:51 MET 2003

Hi all,

One of our ISP's seems to be dropping all UDP packets during certain periods
of the day for about 10-15 secs.

Basically we host a bunch of multiplayer game servers which as you all know
use UDP.
At random points of the day and night, all UDP communication stops for about
15 secs, then resumes normally, it's very annoying !
It's not a load issue as it can happen during very low traffic periods as

We believe its not the actual ISP but the hops leading up to it, because the
users who have access thru that particular ISP are not affected.
I have smokeping running at home, and have it probing all the hops to the
ISP in question.

ICMP does not seem to get dropped, so I can't use that.  I need to use UDP,
is this possible ?
My question is, which probe should I use and can I configure the probe to
use a certain UDP port.
If it is possible, can I see some examples on how it's done.

Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to discover where the UDP packet
loss is occurring along the way, please let me know :)



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