[smokeping-users] Maximum Targets in 5 minute Interval

Colin Horsington chorsington at flow.com.au
Tue Mar 11 05:43:44 MET 2003

Hi all,

I have been playing with the timing of fping to find out how many hosts can
practically be pinged in a 5 minute interval.

-q = quite
-B = backoff when a timeout occurs (multiplier of time)
-i = minimum time between sending each ping
-C = number of pings to send to each host
-b = packet size
-t = timeout (ms) for each host
-p = minimum time between pings to single host (ms)

The results below was using the following commandline options
fping -q -B 1.0 -i 1 -r 1 -C 20 -b 56 -t 400 -p 500

-i		Total Time		Time Between pings
1		1:46			~5 seconds
5		1:46			~5 seconds
10		3:25			~10 seconds
20(default)	5:06			~15 seconds

Reducing the count from 20 to 10 results in:

-i		Total Time		Time Between pings
5		0:56			~4.5 seconds

If we take the setting of -i=5 from the 1st table, 500 ICMP packets are
being sent every ~5 secs.  So although the time specified between each
packet is 5msec, the actual time given some overheads is 10msec (5000/500).
The mixture of hosts I polled were 50% up and 50% down.

If you tweak -i to say 5 msecs (assuming your network can support
this...through put etc...)  then it is feasable you could poll ~1500 hosts
in a single 5 minute interval.  If you were polling 100% hosts that were up
this might double (3000).



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