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Dan McGinn-Combs Dan.McGinn-Combs at Geac.com
Thu Aug 5 03:28:52 MEST 2004

I found interesting results on this.

The problem doesn't have to do with the mystical reload of the PERL
library cache or the phases of the moon. It has to do with a string
value being provided to Net::SMTP when you initialize the smtp

$cfg->{General}{mailhost} must resolve to a string which is a host name
(or IP address). Check to make sure you have configured the "mailhost"
in your config file.

The interesting part is that it uses this same function to do --morning.
And nearly the exact code is used in Smokeping.pm to send alerts. Odd
that it would exhibit a variable behavior here.


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I'm running my version of Smokeping/tSmoke on a Gentoo Linux machine.
When I first attempted a --weekly report, I got the same error about the
mail method. I fought with it for a while (because I was sure I loaded
Net::SMTP). Then out of frustration I rebooted. *Then* it started

I attributed it to a requirement to reload the PERL library cache and
went on with my life.

I'll check on a fresh system and see if I can recreate the issue.

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Well thanks for the help, it stopped giving me the error of can't read,
but it still says it can't call method "mail" on line 80.  I verified
that Net::SMTP is installed...no errors either are listed.

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